Bring The Salon Home

Angel Hair and Makeup’s Online Academy was created by Sarah in 2020.  The company was born from Sarah’s love of education and wanting to help all women to feel good and look good.

Sarah has been teaching in Irish Schools and Colleges since 2013.  She has worked with a variety of different groups, from women with Acquired Brain Injuries, women from marginalised groups in society, women with learning difficulties and women who want a career in the hair and beauty industry.

What Sarah has discovered is a way to teach everyone that is practical and hands on.  There is no technical boring theory.  Sarah believes in explaining everything in an easy to follow step by step hands on approach.  This is the perfect way for any student to learn the art of hairstyling, makeup application and skin care.

By following her step by step videos and remember “practice makes permanent” you will be able to style your own hair, do your own makeup and look after your own skin.  By following her step by step guide you will be able to achieve the Salon Style at Home.

Angel Hair and Makeup’s Online Academy was created to help women from all walks of life  who want to look good and feel good every day.

A Business Inspired By Passion

Sarah Naylor

Angel Hair and Makeup was created by Sarah in 2013 originally my business name was mobile makeup by Sarah where I specialised in bridal makeup. During the last recession I took this opportunity to retrain and went back to college to add another string to my bow. I studied Hairdressing, beauty therapy and Hair and Makeup for film and Theatre. I’ve combined all three disciplines to offer you the complete package. During my time studying I was introduced to teaching and a new passion was born. Alongside my freelance business where I was doing hair, makeup and beauty treatments for an array of clients. I began teaching for the Education Training Board. I loved teaching so much I went back to college to achieve the qualifications needed to obtain my teaching council number. I have been teaching Hair, beauty and makeup in Schools and Colleges since 2013. I also have a very successful freelance business called Angel Hair and Makeup where I create hair and makeup styles for Film & Theatre, Magazine Shoots, Fashion Shows and Brides. With education moving online it was a natural progression for me to offer my style of easy to follow learning techniques to an online audience. So Angel Hair and Makeup’s online Academy was born 2020. My initial starter course Salon Styled at Home is the first of many more.

I’m Sarah I am a mammy to two beautiful, intelligent and funny children who have a busier social life than I do. I Live in Dublin, Ireland and work as a freelance Hair and Makeup artist as well as an educator. I’ve recently taking up the game of golf. As a woman, running around chasing my tail is par for the course and over the years I’ve seen women like me prioritize everyone and everything over themselves. What I’ve discovered is that I am at my happiest when I am helping people to achieve happiness in themselves. I truly love to help people look good and feel good. I have preached this for years and as soon as I began to practice what I preach myself I became truly happy. I’ve realised that TIME SPENT ON YOURSELF IS TIME WELL SPENT and WHEN YOU LOOK GOOD YOU FEEL GOOD. I have made a decision to make these two ideals part of my daily life and I want to help other women to do the same.